Travel Advice:
Parameter options including width and colours. (see sidebar examples below)

Travel sites and bloggers:

  • provide your visitors with up-to-date travel advice for over 200 countries;
  • quality information from an impeccable source;
  • opens in new window/tab (default configuration) so your page remains open;
  • transparent background - to enable widget to blend in with your site;
  • configurable - including width, and button text and colours;

We would be grateful for any feedback on our widgets: Please post your questions and comments on this Support Page.

The travel advice widget have been showcased by; and tweeted by the UK Gov Foreign and Commonwealth Office!!!

Quality travel information.

About this Travel Widget:

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has provided a data interface to developers, such as ourselves, to trial and add value. As a result we have produced these Travel Information by Country widgets which accesses an FCO country index. It is not just a simple mash of feeds - it will remain up-to-date, automatically incorporating any additions (or deletions and country renames) made by the FCO.

We believe Travel Advice provided by the FCO is the most accurate and up-to-date available online. We cache country information on first use and then retrieve again if the cache is over 24 hours old. It is a great resource for all your visitors, a small amount of information such as visa requirements is specific to UK nationals.


Suitable for Wordpress 2.8 on; tested against numerous themes up to Wordpress release 3.4.1.

Demo: see this travel blog page (where you can also post your questions).

As our plugin includes a "get widget" link it is no longer available in the Wordpress Directory; you have to download it from our site. Note: our British Embassy Finder is still in the Wordpress Directory


  • Download the widget (a zip file) to your computer

  • Use your Wordpress Dashboard to upload the complete ZIP file to your server: Plugins -> add new --> upload.

  • Activate, and add it to your sidebar in the usual way.

WP Widget downloads to date: 1246

Customising: The widget inherits the style of your WP theme and should display well on most Wordpress sites without modification. The most useful custom settings are widget title, text of button, and width.

Configure via the Wordpress dashboard in the usual way. For example under Wordpress 3.1: Admin Dashboard --> Appearance --> Widgets: drag the widget to the side or widget bar then click on the widget to open its configuration form. and

Live demonstrations of the widget can be found on this travel blog.

Installation: Unfortunately, Google are not currently adding widgets to their Blogger Gadget Directory (see this Blogger Developer forum post).

Until Google add the Country Travel Information widget to their directory, you can either:

Sign on to your blog and then click here to install gadget. Simple (one click), but you can't preview your custom settings. Once installed you can change (and preview) settings like any other gadget.


you can add (and preview) the widget in exactly the same way as any other gadget by clicking "Add a gadget" in "Page Layout" and entering the URL detailed below.
Customisation:The customisation form will be displayed during install. Note: the custom width refers to the width of the drop down box, NOT the width of the whole widget which is controlled by the width of your Blogger Sidebar.

More information on installing the gadget can be found in this travel gadget post.


The travel advice gadget now appears in the official iGoogle directory.

Installation: Either from the iGoogle Directory (link above), or simply click this Google button to install on your iGoogle dashboard. Add to iGoogle

It is the same gadget from the same source as the Blogger gadget above - so if you wish you can edit it on your iGoogle Dashboard to change width, height and colour.

Ugly Example 1:

Custom PHP

PHP & HTML/Iframe versions

Existing PHP/Iframe users: If you wish to change the look of your widget, but no longer have customisation documention then please contact us for configuration information and advice.

New users: These versions are now only available on request to high quality, high volume websites. For such users we can customise.

Javascript version

It is possible to use our iGoogle widget on your site (example left): Customize and get code.

This service is provided by Google (and widget includes their links). You can customise button and heading text, and button and font colors. Unfortunately although this widget uses Google's recommended API; their own previewer doesn't - so you can't preview your customisations.

The example widget (left) has the following custom settings: Display Width = 184, Display height = 70, Dropdown Box width = 170px and Alignment = center.

FAQ / Issues

I've installed the widget but the drop down box is empty:

Affects old Wordpress widget versions only.

Cause: It has only been reported once, but will affect you if your website host has disabled "allow_url_fopen" functionality for (valid) security reasons. Sorry, it is something I should have considered from the outset.

Solution: install the latest widget.

I'd like to thank Margery Wilson for raising this issue. Margery is an experienced writer, editor and traveler. Check out her travel blog.

You can post your questions and comments via the form on this Support Page.

Terms of use:

We provide no guarantee or warranty that the widget will function properly on either the user's site or on their visitors' browsers. Neither do we warrant the accuracy of the information displayed as a result of using the widget. The user accepts the Travel Widget as is, and that we shall not be liable to user or any third party for any damage or loss incurred, directly or indirectly, as a result of its use. The user's sole remedy is to remove the code from their website or device.

Wordpress versions:

This program is free software licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation.

In particular please note the following:
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Other Versions:

1. Other than the configuration and parameter options identified above the user shall not alter or modify the widget and code provided in any way.

2. We retain all rights and ownership of the widget and its code and may terminate the User's use of of it without notice and at any time.

The laws of England and Wales govern these terms and conditions.